Watermelon Ice OFF STAMP SW9000 Kit

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Watermelon Ice OFF STAMP SW9000 KIT

  • DescriptionThe Watermelon Ice Off Stamp SW9000 includes everything you need to enjoy one of the most eco-friendly disposable vapes on the market. This is a disposable vape which has two components. The reusable charging dock includes an 800mAh battery and can used to charge the prefilled Off Stamp SW9000 disposable vape. The disposable vape half holds 13ml of e-liquid and has an integrated 200mAh battery. The two halves are designed to be snapped together magnetically, creating a 1000mAh disposable vape with an estimated puff count of 9000. The nicotine strength is 5 percent. The disposable vape half of the Off Stamp can be used independently thanks to a 200mAh battery but requires the battery dock to be charged. With the electronic components and larger battery dock designed for reuse, the future of disposable vapes has arrived. Once you have the battery dock, the basic disposable vape can be purchased separately at a savings.
  • E-liquid contents: 13ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 9000
  • Disposable Vape Battery: 200mAh (Rechargeable via Off Stamp Battery Pack Only)
  • Battery Pack/Charging Dock: 800 mAh (included in all Off Stamp kits)
  • Mesh Coil