Oxbar Magic Maze 2.0 Pod Juice Edition Disposable

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Introducing Oxbar Magic Maze 2.0 Pod Juice Edition Disposable, with an impressive 30000 puffs and 13mL of 50mg pod juice. This upgraded version offers extended use and a higher nicotine content for a more satisfying experience. Perfect for on-the-go vaping without the hassle of refilling or recharging.


    • Big Melons – A hefty serving of juicy melons
    • Blue Razz Cotton Clouds – Fluffy clouds of blue raspberry sweetness
    • Blue Slushy Ice – Icy blast of blue slushy goodness
    • Clear Blue – Crisp and clear blue flavor sensation
    • Clear Emerald – Emerald-clear flavor experience
    • Clear Green – Green-clear flavor profile
    • Clear Jewel – Jewel-clear taste sensation
    • Clear Pink – Pink-clear flavor delight
    • Clear Red – Red-clear flavor infusion
    • Fab Fcuks – Fabulously flavorful vape experience
    • Fruity Pebz – Taste the rainbow with this fruity cereal-inspired flavor
    • Jewel Mint – Minty freshness with a touch of jewel-like clarity
    • Juicy Bae Watermelon – Juicy watermelon delight for your vaping pleasure
    • Sour Apple Skitz – Tart and tangy apple flavor with a skittles twist
    • Strawberry Lolly – Sweet and nostalgic strawberry lollipop flavor
    • Strawberry Watermelon Dragonfruit – A fruity trifecta of strawberry, watermelon, and dragonfruit
    • WAP Drops – Experience the essence of WAP in every drop
    • Watermelon Skitz – Juicy watermelon with a skittles twist
    • White Gummy Ice – Icy rendition of a classic white gummy candy


    • x1 Oxbar Magic Maze 2.0 Disposable