Strawberry Gelato FASTA PLUGIN 18000

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Strawberry Gelato FASTA PLUGIN VAPE

  • FlavorIndulge in the creamy delight of Strawberry Gelato Fasta Plugin 18000, offering a rich and satisfying strawberry flavor reminiscent of Italian gelato. Each puff is a testament to the device's ability to deliver smooth, flavorful vapor. The Fasta Plugin’s Nexcore coil technology gives it a performance advantage compared to other boosted disposable vapes.
  • E-liquid contents: 16ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Coil: Dual Mesh Coil, Nexcore Coil Technology
  • Puffs per Device: 18,000
  • Power Modes: Normal Mode and Boost Mode
  • Battery: 750mAh, rechargeable via USB-C
  • World's First Vape with Built-In Charging Cable
  • Digital Screen: E-Liquid Meter, Battery Meter, and Power Mode Setting


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