Mi-Pod Pro Replacement Pod - 10PK

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Mi-Pod Pro Replacement Pod - 10PK 

Fresh vape pods are a must if you are looking for optimal flavor and vapor production. Mi-Pod Pro Pods are long lasting but eventually they will decline in performance. Vapers who switch between flavors may find themselves in need of additional pods as well. Never find yourself caught without a fresh vape pod again. This 10-pack of Mi-Pod Pro Replacement Pods contains a total of 20 brand spanking new pods. Each holds 2.0ml and is compatible with the Mi-Pod Pro vape pod kit.

Filling Instructions

  1. Remove the Silicone 'Open Tab'
  2. Fill with E-Liquid through the side filling port
  3. Give the Pod time to wick to prevent dry hits
  4. Align pins on the Pod to Connectors inside device