Juicy Peach OFF STAMP SW9000 Kit

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Juicy Peach OFF STAMP SW9000 KIT

  • DescriptionThe Juicy Peach Off Stamp SW9000 Kit includes the prefilled disposable vape component, and an 800mAh charging dock that can be seamlessly attached using a magnetic connection. The reusable and rechargeable battery dock is required to recharge the disposable vape component. The disposable vape half contains an integrated 200mAh battery and holds 13ml of e-liquid. The combined battery capacity is 1000mAh, creating an eco-friendlier and long-lasting disposable vape, which generates an estimated 9000 puffs. Nicotine strength is 5 percent. Once the initial kit and dock are obtained, you can purchase individual Off Stamp SW9000 disposables to enjoy the savings provided by this pared down component.
  • E-liquid contents: 13ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 9000
  • Disposable Vape Battery: 200mAh (Rechargeable via Off Stamp Battery Pack Only)
  • Battery Pack/Charging Dock: 800 mAh (included in all Off Stamp kits)
  • Mesh Coil


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