Tips for Vaping While Travelling 

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Anyone who has vaped for a while will inevitably need to take it with them out and about, which is no problem as you’re never far from home or a local vape shop. But travelling and holidaying is a whole different story and can take a bit more planning. Take me for example, I’m a bit of a panic pants when travelling away from home as I like all my home comforts and have what I need to hand. And I don’t want to spend the holiday worrying if I will run out of juice or if I have a spare when I drop my mod. So in this article, I will give you some tips for vaping while travelling abroad.

Tips for Vaping While Traveling

1. Plan Ahead and Follow the Airport Regulations

If you are travelling abroad, then you do need to plan ahead. To avoid any inconvenience at the airport or on the plane, you must make sure you follow the regulations of the airport as well as the airline. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all passengers.

When travelling on a plane you need:

  • to make sure everything is packed in a vape bag or a vape carrying case
  • ensure that extra batteries for your vape are well stored
  • store the batteries away from magnets, loose change or away from anything that could ignite them
  • switch off all vape devices and before packing them in their appropriate vape carrying cases, consider packing your e-liquids in Ziploc bags as they can leak due to changes in air pressure as the plane ascends
  • do not attempt to charge e-cigarettes on the plane

Tips for Vaping While Traveling

Most airports still treat vaping the same as smoking, so you are not allowed to vape in the Airport Terminals, you have to vape in the smoking areas outside or as in Frankfurt Airport in the smoking lounge.

2. Going Through Airport Security

Most Aviation Authorities require you to pack your vape gear in your carry on luggage. The devices should be turned off and the batteries should be removed. And easily accessible for inspection at the gate.

Tips for Vaping While Traveling

No UK airline permits the use of e-cigarettes on their planes, and it’s actually illegal in some air spaces, so you could face huge fines or penalties. As tempting as it might feel to sneak a vape in the toilet, don’t even try. If you really need a nicotine hit while you’re travelling, take another safe and flight-friendly method with you.

3. Whilst Abroad

In most parts of Europe, it’s fine to use and carry vaping kits in designated public spaces, although a few places only allow nicotine free vaping. So make sure you stick to the rules.

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware Norway has banned e-cigarettes, as has United Arab EmiratesBrazil, SingaporeArgentina, and Uruguay. In Canada e-cigarettes are theoretically illegal to sell but are actually widely available, to make matters even more confusing!

Tips for Vaping While Traveling

If you are in any doubt about the local laws or Aviation Rules, then you will need to double check before you travel.


So my tips for vaping while you are travelling abroad is to always plan ahead and do a bit of research on the destination you are travelling to, and the mode of transport you are travelling on. And above all else have fun and stay safe.

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