Tropical Lemonade (Papaya Punch) - Coastal Clouds - 60ML

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Tropical Lemonade (Papaya Punch) - Coastal Clouds - 60mL

Tropical Lemonade (formerly Papaya Punch) by Coastal Clouds takes your tastebuds to an exotic island with a tantalizing blend of freshly pressed papaya, juicy mango, and zesty lemon-lime for a sweet tropical vape treat that has just a hint of tanginess on the back notes. Rejuvenate your palate with the mouthwatering taste of the tropics. You'll almost feel the trade winds blowing through your hair as you enjoy a refreshing fruit beverage vapor with authentic fresh fruit flavor. This delectable vape juice delivers a lightly sweet and smooth hitting vaping experience with fragrant vapor clouds. Try it today in 60ml bottles!