Disposable Vape is Not Working Properly


Some commonplace problems

Disposable vapes are undeniably hot these several years. You can see varieties of disposables in vape shops, and vape expo shows. With the emerging of numberless disposable products on the market, some problems arise too. Such as:

  • Why is my brand new disposable vape not working?
  • Why is a cake disposable vape not working?
  • The disposable vape is not hitting.
  • The disposable vape cartridge is not working.

Here are some tips to check and fix the most commonplace problems with disposable vape.

Disposable Vape is Not Working Properly

Gurgling sound from certain disposable vape

Some vapers occur from the problem of a gurgling sound that comes from the mouthpiece when vaping. This phenomenon happens on some vape kits, and box mod kits too.

The narrow air channel design in the tank or in the pod may be the reason to cause the sound. It’s prone for vape juice to stuck in the air channel. When the sound is made, you may also notice a bit of e-liquid leaking from the holes at the top of the device, or even spit into your mouth.

Don’t inhale so hard to lessen the spitting problem.

Disposable Vape Light Blinking

If your disposable vape kit blinks, it may be because:

  • THE disposable battery’s voltage is low.
  • You maybe keep on chain vaping.
  • Maybe the kit’s battery is damaged.

If you have a new disposable vape that’s never worked, or keeps blinking when opening your package, it may have a manufacturing defect in the assembly process. Most products have after-sale guaranteeing service.

Disposable Vape Burnt Flavor

If the cotton wick in the disposable pod is not fully saturated, you’d get a smell of burnt flavor. It happens when you just start to use a disposable kit or your chain vaping. You need to wait several seconds for the vape device’s wick to re-saturate itself between puffs. Or there is no vape juice in the disposable kit.

Disposable Vape Not Hitting/ Weak Hits

If your disposable vape performs Weak Hits or even isn’t hitting, maybe because your vape kit has run out of e-juice. It’s time to change to a new one.

Some reasons for disposable vape pens not working

  • Disposable vape devices run out of vape oil/juice.
  • Disposable vape batteries are low battery or totally dead.
  • The disposable vape airflow sensor is blocked or not sensitive.
  • It’s maybe a defective/disqualified product when manufactured or transported. It often happens to brand new disposable vape devices. If not working, please get a refund or exchange. It’s advised to choose the best disposable vape devices from name brands.

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