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There 6 kinds of vape tanks. They are Refillable Cartridge tank, Sub-Ohm Tank, Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer(RDA), Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA), Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer (RDTA), Genesis Tank Atomizer (GTA). Welcome to check all cheap vape tanks coupons and deals on our site.

Cartomizers are usually made of metal or glass/plastic, the transparent plastic or pyrex glass tank can also be named a clearomizer. There are disposable cartridges with atomizers built into cartomizers, and they are built into a larger cylindrical tank storing different amounts of e-liquid.

RTA stands for Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer, and is also a popular type of tank. It’s a tank atomizer with the clear tank (can be named as clearomizer or cartomizer) or a metal tank (can be named as a cartomizer). Deck, tank, and chimney are three common parts of an RTA. Some hot RTAs are Gemini RTA, IJOY EXO RTA, and Geekvape Zeus RTA.

An RDTA is a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer with a building deck, posts, chamber cap and tank. It’s RDA + RTA with the function of Auto Dripping without the hassle of dripping wick constantly.

RDA stands for the abbreviation of the rebuildable dripping atomizer. It’s usually suitable for advanced DIY vapers. There is no tank as an e-liquid reservoir. Because of different structures, some RDAs excel in flavor, while others in clouds.

Subohm Tank is easy to understand – coils lower than 1 ohm. Some advanced vapers love subohm, because the lower ohm, the more vapor, and the dense flavor output. Before using subohm tank, you need to check if your mod/battery can comply with the tank’s ohm working range.