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About Boundless 

Boundless Tech is the manufacturer of Boundless Technology Vaporizers. They produce the Terp Pen, CFX, CFV, CFC & Tera Vapes.

About Boundless Best sellers

Boundless terp pen has versions of Boundless terp pen, Rainbow Chrome Terp Pen, Terp Pen XL.

About Boundless Site Traffic
Boundless Site Traffic
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Boundless Shopping Q&A

what is a terp pen?

Terp Pen is designed by Boundless tech company. It’s an alternative and portable way of dabbing. A great option for on-the-go vaping.

Just inhale without clicking any button, you can enjoy dense vapor with a simple inhale-activated heating experience.

Terp Pen is the first successful version of the vape pen from boundless. Terp Pen XL is an upgraded version in terms of functions.

Rainbow Chrome Terp Pen is a Limited Edition and features rainbow colors.

how to use a terp pen?

  • Dip coil directly into concentrate
  • Use a dab tool
  • Preload the concentrate directly onto the coil

how to use terp pen xl?

  • Dip coil directly into your favorite amount of concentrate
  • Apply the concentrates to a dab tool
  • Preload the concentrate directly onto the coil
  • Preload the coils with your desired concentrate

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